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You Float

When I sat down with Float Therapy Hervey Bay, Owner, Rod Webb, I had to admit I knew nothing about Float Therapy.

Rod's backstory is he was builder & knows the impacts of working on tools has on your body. He also has experience, like many do, of chronic illness & disease in close family & friends. So as he matured, he started looking for something to help not only himself, but help others. The added bonus is that this is something he has been able to turn into a successful home business & has continued to grow organically. That means lots of referrals from happy customers.

So putting it simply, and Rod explains it a lot better than I would ever try, Float Therapy replicates the experience of going into extreme high salt concentrated water which creates a weightless experience. You just cannot sink, you float.

The origins of floating go back thousands of years on the Dead Sea, and float therapy more recently starting in mid 1900s. The benefits are both physical and mental & depends on the individual & their needs.

I found this great short video on Youtube for a first time experience floating, it gave me agreat insight into what the experience would be like & it confirmed a lot of what Rod explains in the podcast. Check it out.

Due to the water's extremely high salt & magnesium content, the float experience soothes aches & ailments claiming to reduce the need for pain relief. The mental benefits are from the removal of all external noise & stimulation, to a controlled point where you can just relax mentally into thoughts of nothing. In the podcast aired recently Episode 79 Float Away To Calm, we hear the Float Therapy having amazing results with young people with a wide variety of disabilities such as autism & ADHD.

There may be options for NDIS Participants to access NDIS funding to help cover the cost of the therapy. While private health members will need to consult their individual fund guidelines.

Find out more about Float Therapy Hervey Bay, Rod welcomes questions. Visit Float Therapy Hervey Bay on Facebook Here.

Thank you so much to Rod Webb for coming in and sharing what you are doing - this is amazing stuff & I hope you connect with Hervey Bay Float if this is something for you!

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