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Yoga From Foothills of Himalayas To Fraser Coast

Local Yoga Teacher, Kate Fallick, you'll find on Facebook as Yoga with Kate-Chamundi, sat with me recently to share how discovering Yoga has transformed her life.

You can hear the podcast Episode 102 by following the link here.

Like many of my podcasts interviews, they eventuate from a chance meeting. Kate's was no different. Kate had just arrived at the Fraser Coast after travelling extensively overseas. Exploring Europe, the Middle East and finally Northern India at the foothills of the Himalayas.

As Kate explains, her travel was never an adventure in the pursuit of Yoga or finding ones self. Her travel started as a wild-fun filled-adventure, sparked by a dream of seeing Pink Floyd perform in front of the Pyramids of Egypt.....a concert which later she discovered was an international hoax. But the travel adventure wheels were already in motion and Kate was already in Amsterdam. This fun loving lady shared quite a bit of her story in our 30 minute recording of a podcast, clearly nowhere enough time to get the whole story! But I had asked Kate to join me to share how she found herself in the beautiful Fraser Coast & teaching Yoga. She didn't disappoint.

So, after finding herself at a guest house just a few doors down from a Yoga Studio in the base of the Himalayas. A single, fun loving, smoker, traveller. Yoga again appeared in front of her, as it had at different times in her travels, this time the opportunity & timing was right, and Kate being determined to quit smoking took the opportunity to stop smoking & focus on learning as much as she could about Yoga. So while living in this spiritual sanctuary of the Northern Indian Himalayan Foothills, volunteering to teach english to Tibetan Monks, Kate started her journey, her new chapter of life, almost reborn into the world of Yoga & Meditation.

The Kate sitting in front of me oozes calmness, quiet confidence & spirituality. I must be honest and cannot imagine Kate being a wild gal or having any bad habits at all. She portrays, a calmness and softness, I guess as you would imagine a Yoga Instructor to possess as attributes.

To participate in Yoga with Kate-Chamundi, simply find her on facebook here.

Call Kate direct to chat about her Yoga classes on 0490 554 645.

Or, you are welcome to join Kate at 2 venues currently in the Fraser Coast:

Urangan CWA, Pulgul Street :

Her weekly Saturday & Sunday classes at Urangan, Hervey Bay are suitable for all levels of fitness, flexibility and strength. Kate also offers kirtan/bhajan/chanting class on Thursday evenings.

Price is $10 per person.

You can also attend Kate's classes at the PCYC situate at 9 O'Rourke Street , Pialba, Contact PCYC for class times:c(07) 4124 5211.

As well as Kate's teaching abilities for Yoga, she has a harmonic voice and shares chanting

classes, where you sing affirmations in the Traditional Kirtan, Bhajan, Chanting style. Again, Kate presents these classes with years of training and experience behind her. She explains in the podcast how participating in the chanting is beneficial for breathing, relaxation & affirmation of positivity. To gain understanding of what this sounds like in a class, please listen to the podcast where I was very fortunate to have Kate perform a demonstration. Find this at Episode 102.

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