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Wireless Chats

Wide Bay Region weather is the best in Australia, evident by Ross's confession in the recent podcast Episode 52: Ross Kay Unedited. The weather is so fantastic in Bundaberg & the broader region it is what brought Ross & his wife here on a permanent basis. I forgot to ask Ross if the Bundaberg Rum also had anything to do it, oh a missed opportunity to save for next time!

How lucky am I, Ross Kay was directed my way to chat about me, but he didn't expect me to wrap my arms around him as he arrived at my home & I ushered him inside living room. I am so fortunate I don't see faces, expressions, nervous reactions. I just go by vibes, words & body language & Ross just went along for the Jussy ride. I just mean, an experience chatting with me..... it can be quite an experience I am told.

It was uttlerly cool that Ross was so happy to share his story a bit. What he spoke about, his

Podcaster & Radio Host
Fraser Coast Region share your stories with ABC Radio announcer Ross Kay via email .

path on discovering a passion for radio broadcasting, or "having a chat on the wireless"

From childhood on a dairy farm in Camperdown, rural Victoria, he found his passion for radio broadcasting and communications from early experiences with phoning inhis local radio 3CS to request his favourite songs.

From that early childhood experience, it lead onto studying communication to lead into a career in radio, but not quite into a position of "talking on the wireless". The power of applying himself & pursuing his dreams, taking a risk in applying for the radio broadcasting role, without that specific training turned out to be the best gift, as he listened to the feedback from rejection and corrected his course of study and career to set himself up as success.

Look at Ross now, over a decade ABC Radio. He is on a career path following dreams but is keen to deflect praise, as he recognizes his fortune in being able to share stories throughout the region.

Contact the ABC Radio by email which will go to everyone at the station to share your story, your event, your passion. The ABC Radio will be supportive to share what they can, the first step to make is to send an email.

To listen to Ross 10-11am Weekdays:

100.1FM Bundaberg

85AM Hervey Bay

Ross recommends a visit to the Hervey Bay Historical Village, for radio enthusiasts. You will find the original red lights from the original ABC "AM" tower now dismantled.

Get in touch with Ross & the whole team at the ABC Wide Bay if you have a story to share.

Thank you Ross, we are a lucky region to have you share our stories.

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Everything Fraser Coast, positive storyteller of the Fraser Coast Region, contact Jussy if you would like to be featured. It only costs your time. Jussy 0497 733773

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