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What is a Bot?

Steve & Irene Pfister enhance the functionality & performance of your website & social media.

I recently sat down with Sales & Marketing Pro, Steve Pfister to find out a little of what he does, and learn some of the jargon. Listen to podcast Episode 44: Get a nice Bot - Get Down with Digi Media.

Steve and his wife Irene, live & work here in the Fraser Coast, helping businesses of all sizes & stages of growth to maximise their potential with social media & website presence & automation.

Steve bamboozled me with jargon such as bots and web automation but after his simple explanation it all started to make sense. Hmmm, I am willing to give this a go but I won't be ashamed to say I'd probably prefer to leave this stuff to the experts to do it right for me......hey Steve, you got a minute?

One of the most interesting pieces of jargon I learnt was the "bot". So let me sound like I know what I am talking about and relay to you what this is & how you use it. You may have noticed when you visit a Facebook page of interest and you send a message, sometimes you receive an instant reply. The reply is somewhat personalized, but usually fairly general. That programmed response is a "bot" and can be designed for several replies, each time responding to key words & providing instant answers to a question. Of course this may not be something you are interested in, but this is only an example of the many diverse functions of social media & website service that Steve & Irene provide.

Register for this Saturday's Workshop to Attract Your Potential Clients on Facebook for free - click HERE.

Steve & Irene hold a fortnightly hour 'Meet Up' on a Thursday, meeting at the Waterfront Restaurant (in the building where the Aquarium at Urangan is), it is free to join in & no obligation to attend every fortnight. The next session is held 24th October & every fortnight thereon.

This Thursday, 10th October, 2019, you are invited to attend a session organised by Irene at The Wandering Teapot to hear the beautiful Mimi Emmanuel, Multi #1 Best Selling Author share her secrets on how to publish a book on Amazon. See link HERE.

Thanks for your time Steve & I hope to see you at a Thursday Meet Up soon.

To get in touch with Steve, find him on Facebook HERE.

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