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Mimi's Wish

Fraser Coast Author, Mimi Emmanuel has 7 published book. She is a multi No.1 Best Selling Author & a beautiful person.

Sometimes in life we meet someone we connect with. I must admit I connect with a lot of people, & the podcast journey can be likened to speed dating at a friendship level. I say this because before a podcast I spend time learning about the person & their story. So it did recently dawn on me that I am becoming quite proficient in the whole speed dating arena.

Recently I met Mimi Emmanuel. Like most podcasts, I stumbled across her name when a post was shared to the Everything Fraser Coast Facebook group (thank you Irene Pfitzer). Like I said above, sometimes we find we really connect with people. Mimi is such a warm and sharing lady, that I couldn't help but feel she is a earth angel. I feel very blessed to have met Mimi.

In the podast we could have recorded for days. We chose to focus on her latest book release - a positive story which came about after Mimi broke her back after being bucked off a horse. Her inspiration came from her lengthy stay in Hervey Bay & Maryborough hospitals & her healing process. Mimi's positivity about her hospital experience, including the food, is refreshing & so lovely to give back to the people in our health care system.

This latest book, Be careful what you wish for pray for, a horse may grant your wish - How I

broke my back in 3 places , is available from Mimi via her Facebook page - Link HERE.

Mimi's collection of publshed best sellers can be found also on Amazon - link HERE.

Mimi will be presenting a workshop talk on how to publish a book at Community Cubed in the Wandering Teapot on 10th October, 2019 - to see workshop information click HERE.

Thank you Mimi and please keep me posted on your future achievements.

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