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The Reigning Black Sheep

I was running late to get to the podcast & it is never a good way to start, but the second I met Agnes G I knew I had a special connection.

As she shared her story with me, I realised our paths had crossed & we had known many people, people who I have not thought about for 40 years. I am talking about my childhood & the life of having a sibling taken into an institutional care, in my case my twin. For Agnes G, it is her tale of her story as a mother, her son & of course her family & the challenges every step of the way.

Our paths crossed because Agnes' son & my twin were in the same "Spastic Centre" hostel & school facility in Brisbane. It was the place "those people" were sent. It was a time when choice wasn't in the hands of the person with a disability, and it wasn't in the hands of the parents or family either.

Those thoughts and memories have not crept into my mind in a very long time, but this

podcast has brought it all flooding back. It isn't all bad, it is just part of the story.

So, I am very honored to have had the opportunity to cross paths with Agnes G, so she is able to share her story & promote her book.

When you listen to Episode 70: The Reigning Black Sheep , you will hear the change in life & lives of people with disabilities over the past 40 years, & also the strength in Agnes' voice as she talks about her last decade or so. For anyone at the beginning of this journey with their own child, you will find this inspiring and give you hope that your child will have independence when they mature into adulthood. This podcast, & the book, will encourage you hopefully to not be satisfied with what you are told, but challenge every step of the way for what you know & believe is right for your child.

Agnes G's book is available online through Booktopia, Dymocks, Amazon, a simple google search will display many places to order from. You can also purchase as an EBook through Booktopia HERE.

To find out more or to be put in touch with Agnes G, contact Pauline Nutley via Facebook & Messenger HERE.

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