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Staycation @ Culture CAF

Culture CAF features a taste of a culture, but is so much more.

Okay, now I have your attention, let me introduce you to Culture CAF. Located at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre, has a monthly event to showcase a culture within our Fraser Coast community. I admit I've not yet been to Culture CAF, but it now is on my to-do-list. I had heard about the monthly event a few years ago, & like many, misunderstood what the purpose was. So let me shine a light on it now, to clear it up for everyone..... Culture CAF is an event run on the first Thursday of every month, 10am to 12pm, held at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre. The purpose is to showcase a culture, eg. Hungary, Russia, Cambodia, Phillipines. The culture is showcased with a tasting a couple of sample dishes, hearing the national anthem, learning some trivia and if you wish to, share some stories of the culture.

Event MC, Liane Mills explained to me how it can be very moving to participate or be an audience member at Culture CAF, especially when stories are hared which describe a homeland into a place of beauty & steeped in tradition.

Listen to podcast with Liane Episode 21 Culture CAF

Culture CAF is about sharing & learning. It is an automatic bi-product that this will grow acceptance & understanding from all aspects of comunity. Well, that is my thoughts anyway.

I hope to run into you at Culture CAF and for this trip, I don't need my passport or a lottery win. In all honesty, you had me at tasting plate of food.

To find out more about Culture CAF, see :

Hervey BAy Neighbourhood Centre Facebook Page

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