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Pretty Things For Pretty Ladies

Maryborough has a new fashion & beauty boutique, Lolita Bonita. Plan a trip to Maryborough & indulge yourself in fashion accessories & beauty products straight out of Vogue or off the Milan catwalks.

I chatted with Tina Charlton at the Brooweena Historical Markets, sorry Tina for interrupting your sausage. I discovered an ambitious young women who has embarked on being her own boss. It is a brave move but Maryborough local gal Tina has clarity on what she is building as her brand. Pretty things, fashion items for lovely ladies.

You might wonder why I met her in Brooweena, Tina explains in podcast Episode 34: Lolita Bonita , that she is bringing her store to rural areas where people may not get the opportunity to access items like her stock. An added bonus is she is building a wider client base further afield than just Maryborough.

Take an online look at Lolita Bonita's Facebook page - HERE - & you will see Tina has a keen eye for fashion. I dare say she lives & breathes fashion accessories. Tina is keen to promote local & Australian products, so you may like to connect with Tina if you have a fashion flare for creating.

I think our Fraser Coast Region really needs a fashion/ shopping tour, to see all the great boutiques we have across the wider region.

Think Lolita Bonita if you are searching for that special gift for a special lady, Christmas, birthday, or no reason - just because.

Thanks Tina and best wishes for your business.

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