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Where the Grass Is Greener - Toogoom Inventor

50m from the Toogoom Beach, I found myself in an established Dorper Sheep Farm. Yet it wasn't the cute Dorper Lambs, Pigmy Goats or Miniature Goats that prompted me to grab Melissa the Podcast Microphone out of the car. It was when I discovered Dorper farmer Grant Mitchell, is one of those restless in retirement types, and when faced with a challenge of finding equipment for his 50 something acre farmlet, he was challenged at the obvious gap in the market. Equipment was simply made for large scale farming.

Faced with a farm management problems that come with any acreage, Grant & his wife used his Research & Development Team at Kwikcorp, together with his own engineering background, to successfully design, manufacture & market a range of farm management equipment tailored to small farm

I found this exciting from two perspectives. First, here is a Fraser Coast couple who have invented a range & built a business (now in operation for 4 years), from the ground up. They distribute their product throughout Australia & Overseas. Something tells me Grant isn't really retired yet, and I would bet money he has more inventions up his sleeve.

Secondly, GreenPro's farm equipment is providing a viable solution for smaller farm operations, & if you can drive a small vehicle or ATV, you will be able to tow the range of equipment.

The most popular pieces of essential farming equipment in the range include:-

Take a look on the GreenPro Website and you will find a collection of 12 equipment designed for specific purposes. These are not limited to cropping, there is also specific items for industry requiring land management, for example for golf courses, the GreenPro Golf Range featuring the GreenPro Golf Reel, revolutionising hand-watering tasks for a faster, easier, more efficient watering application.

For horse riders, there is even a Solar Powered Travelling Irrigator. The GPI-60 Travelling Arena Irrigator is water efficient & time effective way to water your arena, so you can enjoy more time in the saddle. I really like the idea of this product!

To find out more about GreenPro call 1800 768 748.

I cannot wait to test their equipment.

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