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Pick Your Own Path - Active Aussies

Sometimes you meet someone and you just know they are a good egg. That was the immediate sense I got when I met Cat Gallaher for the first time. Apart from the fact that she oozes healthy lifestyle in her glowing image, her vibrant persona chatting about what she does is enough to motivate the most hesitant newbie to exercise & train with her.

Cat relocated to Hervey Bay, following a trend of relocating where parents or family have moved. I hear that quite a lot. People just realise that life is really good hear, the secret is truly out.

A shift from corporate life and the hustle and bustle wasn't overnight for Cat. She changed a shift in her career to live an active, energetic life almost a decade ago, taking a massive leap, stepping away from security in employment. She took a chance on herself & if I were to measure her success by her outlook on life, I would estimate she is very successful.

So where to meet this awesome business lady/ personal trainer. You will find her at Scarness Park, exercising with world best backdrop of a sunrise over the ocean. Every morning, holding 2 sessions for casual attendance. Sessions are 5.30am & 6.30am. Approx 10 minutes of mobility stretching, 20 minutes of strength training, 20 minutes of cardio and finish with a cool down. All work outs will work the total body and Cat will work with you individual limitations or situation.

Pop down to Scarness Park and check out what Cat is running with Active Aussies, or contact

her on Facebook. She will be happy to chat about her classes or possibly lend a hand with any Women's Groups.

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