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Peter Sajko - Profiling A Local Musician

Peter Sajko, (prounounced Seiko), is a Wide Bay Region rising star. He is far from a pocket rocket being over six foot tall, but at only 19, he has accomplished several instruments (guitar & drums as well as vocals.

A simple sharing of a gig post of Peter's to the Everything Fraser Coast facebook group brought the name of Peter Sajko into my world. When offered to meet to record a podcast Peter jumped at the chance, but I also felt blessed as this is a talented young man certainly going places. Geez, I should have got your autograph Peter !! Send me one buddy.

From the moment he arrived and confessed this was his first podcast ever (a similar claim from most of my interviewees), he settled in comfortably with the microphone and shared honestly some of his story. He hasn't long left school, now only in his second year of a teaching degree, but you can hear it in Peter's voice how his passion for music has been a part of his life for quite a few years now. For any kids out there not knowing where to start, for Peter, it was learning violin at school, which progressed into drums and then guitar. I am not about his vocal lessons, but he can sing. This young man has a tone that is easy to listen to, lyrics easy to understand and a real musicality to his singing style.

I must be honest, as he was singing in the studio, I was thinking he needs to gon on The Voice, but then he is making a good start just doing music his own style.

It was really interesting being in Peter's close proximity as he performed to the pod mike, like many artists, he almost morphs into another person, enormous confidence and conviction over the lyrics and guitar strumming. He really captures the attention of the audience.

If you are keen to have a listen to this young man perform, like Peter's facebook page to be updated on his gigs.

Peter also plays drums in local Bundaberg

rock band "The Crush" You may heard

the band perform at The Club Hotel,

Riverfeast and Across The Waves.

Peter is available for solo gigs at venues around the Wide Bay & Fraser Coast Regions. He is also available for private functions and backyard gigs. After hearing a few of Peter's own lyrics, he has quite a talent for songwriting which may be of service to someone needing a catchy tune for their business.

Best of luck Peter and keep sharing your stories through music, they are truly memorable & you are inspirational.

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