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On the Move : Snapshots from Home

Z-Pac is on the move, bringing theatre out to the community. Z-Pac President Liane Mills explained that launching Z-Pac On The Move overcomes mobility limitations constraining access to theatre.

The premier production launched this month, Snapshots from Home, is set in the early 1940s, the location is Brisbane, & the script is real. Director Jonathon Dunn portrays snapshots from that era, collected from memoirs recorded after the end of World War 2.

On The Move performances are designed to be easily transported & performed with limitations to space, no stage & a one hour time limit on performances. The current show features 4 cast members who transport the audience to the reminiscent period in Brisbane.

Do you know a community group, aged care facility, school, RSL or any venue or group, that may be interested in hosting a show. For this current show, there is a small royalty fee of $300 per performance, but the actors are volunteers. They require a small space to perform, approximately 6m x 4m, & of course enough room for the audience. At one hour in length, there is ample time for a performance to be scheduled between meal times.

As we approach Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day 2020, consider this performance to focus on what life was like in the era of World War 2.

To listen to the podcast Episode 18 Snapshots from Home click here.

Contact Z-Pac President Liane Mills for more details on 0418 712 636.

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