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No bones in the bedroom please Ruby

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Okay, I resisted the urge to title this blog Threesome with my Bitch, knowing I may be attracting you for the wrong reason. So I hope you cliecked because you are needing a dog behavior therapist in the Fraser Coast. It is true, we did chat about a threesome today on the podcast Episode 25 Bark Busters That's Who You Call but we only 10 seconds of 13 minutes.

I met Kath Gnech today after he'd shared a post to my facebook group[ "Everything Fraser

Bark Busters is now in the Fraser Coast Region.
You package is a for life of your fur baby.

Coast" and hopefully by now my followers realise you can share anything positive but I do ask to do a podcast & blog. Kath was kind enough to drive to sit with me & a usual I never really know how it will go, but once again laughs are always included.

Bark Busters is a true blue Australian Story. It started back in the 1990s in Woolongong as a husband & wife team, & now has grown to be in 7 countries, over 300 trainers & over a million dogs part of the program.

If that was not impressive enough, I didn't realise that Bark Busters was a program that once training has been roled out (catered for your dog & your needs & environment), but the ongoing mentoring & additional training is included for the entire life of the dog. That lifetime guarantee stays with your dob even if the need to rehome them arises.

After just a few minutes of condensed learning with Kath today, I soon realised that you would only need to register once in most cases, & the skills you learn would transfer across any dog you had throughout your lifetime. What a wonderful gift for a teenager or young person to have these skills & mentoring as they become pet owners. Equally how wonderful to give this to your parents or grandparents if they are now welcoming a companion dog into their fold.

Kath has a special offer for Spring through to November 2019 to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Bark Busters. She is giving a 10% discount to anyone who signs up. To find out more contact Kath -

Link to her Facebook is HERE.

Link to Bark Busters Website is HERE.

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