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Nana Cheryl Walking for Autism

I had never met Cheryl today but I am so blessed to now know her. This amazing Fraser Coast woman has her own medical issues to deal with, but as well as working, she cares for four of her grandchildren. All grandchildren are diagnosed with autism and varying degrees.

Donate to help Cheryl reach her goal of $500.

This is the motivation for why Cheryl is stepping up to Walk for Autism on 29th March, 2020 (link here to view event page on facebook).

10,000 steps per day, for 8 days? Find our more about the Walk for Autism annual event - this is an event that you can do at home on a treadmill, as a group or team, or just in your workplace, or walking the dog.

Trying to cope with the everyday can cause stress and anxiety and prevent people on the autism spectrum from fully participating in the world around them – leading to feelings of isolation and exclusion.

Differences in social communication, strong interests and repetitive behaviours mean interacting with others can often be unpredictable and confusing.

Being over-or under-sensitive to sounds, touch, tastes, smells or light can cause sensory overload and make physical and social situations challenging.

This information is provided by Walk for Autism Organisation, a not-for-profit charity working to research & help people living with autism.

My mind wanders to wonder how the upset we are all experiencing in our usual routine,

must impact a person and a family living with autism, when routine is essential for a sense of security and rationality.

If you aren't able to walk with us on the 29th March 2020, maybe considering sharing the event, or donating towards Chery's target. All links are provided above.

Thank you Cheryl for sharing a pesonal story and raising awareness of this fundraiser for a very worthwhile cause.

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