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My sphincter hid


didn't know when I woke up today that I would learn about colonical irrigation. Isn't it a wonderful time we live in when we can be so frank about such private parts & treatments to help our body perform how they should. So my mind was completely comfortable but I would have to confess that the mere hint of a conversation about a bottom, a butt, a butt hole or anus, really makes my legs cross and my bottom tense up. It is an unconscious reaction & I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but it is what happens to me.

Of course my podcast with Deb Hannan of Alpha Natural Health Centre in the beautiful historically rich regional town of Maryborough, didn't start with this topic, it actually rightly was the tail end of the chat. I discovered Deb is a hugely passionate lady about Maryborough & Naturopathy.

For almost 2 decades Deb has helped people with her broad skills in naturopathic healing, a holistic approach to natural health remedies. She does Bowen Therapy, Massage, Naturopath Consultancy and also Colonical Irrigation.

Alpha Natural Health Centre on Facebook.

Deb also is one of the Maryboroughians behind The Maryborough Mural Project. Deb and a team of volunteers facilitate the location of each mural, gain sponsorship and support from a business or person for the mural cost and recruit an artist.

Now I have worked in tourism development in Regional Queensland in an earlier phase of my life and seen my fair share of murals. I have sat at many a community meeting calling for murals to save the day and bring visitors to town. This project is different & innovative in its approach. Deb explains each mural design is carefully planned, artists submit designs, the location is carefully considered. What is being created is a living art gallery through the Maryborough district. You won't find a cattle theme or a train painted on every besser block wall here - no, The Maryborough Mural Project tells a creative and unique story of Maryborough.

Visit the Maryborough Mural Project Website HERE.

The Maryborough Mural Project Facebook.

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