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Music Creative Sessions For Everyone

It all started with a love of dogs. That's right, dogs. A very special breed "Hungarian Vizsla" which are very suitable to young children and older people according to Bow, Wow, Meow.

When professional musician Sah Ghee brought his Vizsla to Hervey Bay for a romantic rendezvous of the four legged furry kind, he was astounded by the youth crisis in the region. Having a background in youth work, he recalls six youth suicides occurring during his short stay in the area. These suicides were brought on by evident boredom, depression and a culmination of social issues. This crisis impacted Sah deeply. He could have returned home to Brisbane and never given Hervey Bay or the Fraser Coast

another thought.

But 8 puppies later and a friendship with Outreach Doctors Managing Director Dr Chris Cameron, paved the way of what is now a monthly music workshop open to anyone who wishes to pursue their skills and interests in lyric writing, music, mixing and performing.

The focus started on youth, but has evolved to have now boundaries. The music workshops are inclusive of anyone. Especially beneficial for people with low confidence, any form of disability, or just a closet vocalist or musician. The workshops are also a wonderful opportunity for musicians a little further along in their journey who would like to learn how to develop their skills further and even make the leap to pursue music as a profession.

In the Fraser Coast we are blessed to have connections with Indigenous talent, and also a strong community of organisations working to address skill gaps, health needs and youth issues, not to mention disability services. I am talking about Outreach Doctors and also Unicopia. These two organisations are sponsoring Sah and Simeon to visit for monthly to hold their workshops. They are open to hear from other community groups or organisations who may like to partner with them to reach the wider community.

Ultimately the goal is to benefit the community, create opportunities and be a positive influence on the youth and wider community of the Fraser Coast.

Sah & Simeon invite you to come along and check out the 2022 workshops. To find out more follow Outreach Doctors & Unicopia on Facebook.

Would like to read more about Sah:

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