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Mullet & Mowing the Main Event

The endless search of experiencing new and different activities in the Fraser Coast Region had another highlight, when I recently was a spectator at a race meet for the Fraser Coast Lawn Mower Racing Club.

The atmosphere was a miniature speedway, a great way to introduce your young children to the roar of motors with out the scare factor & a relatively safe environment. But no need to just be on the sidelines, if you are interested in "having a crack" (phrase borrowed from racer Leroi Mackay), you only need to attend a meet and chat with the supportive and friendly racers. Just listen to the laughs in the podcast and you'll hear plenty of support to help newbies join the sport. Listen to Episode 55: Lawnmower Racing.

Trackside four racers shared their stories around Mower Racing. Amanda, travelled up from the Sunshine Coast, Trinity, from Toowoomba, with Nan (Valerie) and Skye local to Maryborough. These vibrant ladies are fearless and race against others in their division. It is a mixed sport where racers are only separated by their rank.

Leroi Mackay, Maryborough local, chatted trackside where the race vehicles were all on

dislay for spectators to view and chat with the racers. He has travelled with Mower Racing to New South Wales * Victoria. He is a man of few words, but obvious passion for his sport. It is really nice for a mum of teenagers to see so many active young people outside, having an awesome, fully sick, time. Sorry, had to steal your words Leroi.

The next meet is the second weekend in January 2020, pop a ride on mower onto your Christmas wish list and get in touch with the club through Facebook.

Find more information about the club by finding them on Facebook HERE.

Thanks to everyone who chatted with Everything Fraser Coast at the races. I am so glad I made it to your event.

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