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Mouthwatering Namastay

Yummy, aromatic, friendly reliable service with a smile, just a few of the reasons I frequent Namastay India. This little takeaway is my go-to when I need an easy night out of the kitchen, something delivered by an App click, or a website click, or a quick phone call.

But how did I fall into this routine of being a regular at a takeaway, me who always grew and cooked her own. Well its that wave of aroma that I walk into at the Eli Waters Shopping Centre, that subliminal marketing, I need to navigate through those double doors into the shopping centre to get to my weekly grocery shop, but I cannot avoid the mouthwatering flavours entering my brain. Curse you recycled airconditioning, curse you delicious Indian & Asian Curry mixes.

I find myself now when selecting my groceries, hesitating as I select my meat, vegetables, curry sauces & selected spices, calculalting in my head the cost and the time, and deciding tonight is a lazy night and I will pop into Namastay India on my way out, as it is just too easy and tastes so much better than my own cooking. My kids are never disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I get lots of positive appreciation from my family for my cooking efforts, but not quite the same exhilaration as when I walk in the door and say we have Indian take away tonight. They seriously swoop - dropping technological devices, running from their bedrooms and poking through the paper MenuLog bag to see what I selected. Always the usual, since we have well and truly picked our favourites now.

So, my pick for the menu is to definately try the Beef Sagwala & Butter Chicken. But have a

little bit of a spice to it and ask for a medium heat, it is so delicious. My kids always ask for the cheesy naan bread and I have a treat every now an and then of the home made samosas.

There have been many days when the MS has flared up and I have had to have the kids order dinner from Namastay India by the MenuLog App, but personally if I can, I prefer to call into the little takeaway because everyone there is so lovely, and you never know if they have a special.

Pop into Namastay India and chat with Chasen (pronounced Jasen) & Leeta, a couple of the owners. If you are planning on going grocery shopping, pop in and place your order on the way in, and it would likely be ready when you are finished your grocery shop.

Visit the website here.

Find them on facebook here.

Look for the MenuLog App on your smart phone or device.

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