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Mouthwatering Biltong - Maryborough's Own South African Deli

I must admit I do like food, and enjoy a great tasting meal. Today, was one of those mouthwatering days when I couldn't possibly taste everything that caught my eye or had my saliva glands working overtime.

After sitting and enjoying the most delicious cuppa at Toast Expresso Bar on Bazaar Street, Maryborough, my curiousity of the neighbouring business got the better of me. Concealed from the footpath with marketing I had no idea what was behind the closed door.

Klipdrift Safari is a well stocked South African micro-supermarket with a deli twist. Owners Jacobson & Wilhma started the business two years ago. They have survived their first two years trading despite the economic challenges of Covid-19, a true testament to the demand of their delicacies for South African's and Aussies alike.

I would consider myself fairly retarded in the culinary knowledge of South Africa. Well

Jacobson opened the business in 2020 and offers an extensive range of South African delicacies.  He sources his meat products locally and has butchers skilled in preparing his deli products authentically.
Biltong - dehydrated in air dryer - meat flavoured the South African way locally here in Maryborough.

actually, apart from some simple geography and being able to list the animals featured in The Lion King, I am fairly uneducated on anything S.A. So today I had a personal tour guide in the podcast recording to introduce me to an array of new treats, both savory and sweet. Biltong Jerky, Dry Wors, Cabanosi, Chilli Bites (oh my gosh my mouth is watering again), Biltong Sticks, Russians, Boerewors and an extensive range of spices. Of course then there are the deserts, too many to list, but I have brought home syrup dumplings which I plan on trying both traditionally cold, but then the Australian way warmed up.

You think this sounds like a lot to try, and work through. Then there is the beverages. Here in our backyard, the Fraser Coast, we have a supplier of South African drinks & liquor.

All you need is to find an amazing sunset, with rolling hills and a few giraffe or elephant cutouts in the distance to silhouette the sun, combined with a picnic basket packed with rusks, biltong & some South African drinks and you could enjoy a cultural staycation right here in the Fraser Coast.

Episode 105 Jussy chats with Jacobson in store to learn about his delicous South African Products.

Klipdrift Safari now offer home delivery between Maryborough and Gladstone. To find out more find them on facebook or call 0487 976 593 or 0407 285 059 or email .

Thank you Jacobson and Wilma for sharing a piece of your lives with me today and I cannot wait to return.

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