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More than Meditation

Scarness Park sunset: an idyllic introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

"What does a Nano-Scientist, an English Historian Major, an Animator and a Russian Opera Singer, all have in common?" Apart from being a potential script for the next great blockbuster, they are part of a musical & meditation group called Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

I was lucky enough to meet this group of international professionals when my friend asked me a long to a Free Introduction to Meditation Workshop, being run as part of a nation wide program called Meditate Australia being run by Sahaja Yoga Meditati

Going with no expectations, I'd have to say that the two hour session flew by and for the first time ever, the explanation of meditation connecting with the earth, and the journey of self realisation.

The big question is what did I get out of it, other than meeting a handful lf amazing people, who I would have loved to have jumped on their bus and followed to their nextsession, a joyful feeling - the Indian music is so uplifting, it is impossible to not feel happy and positive . The combination of bamboo flute, accordian, amazing vocals, drums,, beats through your body and relaxes your mind.

For me the meditation was short enough and small enough to experience at an entry olevel and gave me enough tips to go home and practice alone. There was nothing intimidating about the workshop. That left me with the only thought, if this all felt so good, for the mind body and spirit, was there a catch. Was I going to be swept away in a cult or religious group if admit I found a benefit and enjoyment. My answer there is no, I haven't,. It is probably the opposite in I find myself being a little curious on the greater community that practices the Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Just putting it out there, I am always happy for bamboo flute to put me to sleep at night.

Click to hear Podcast 4: More than Meditation

View Podcast on Youtube Channel "Everything Fraser Coast"

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