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Like any star, the title is what this blog is about. Meet Milana, Fraser Coast Xavier Catholic College year 2 student. Milana is only young and may not know exactly where life is going to take her, but she is reaching for the stars, and mum Alicia is doing her best to give a solid foundation for Milana to build on.

Listen to Milana in Episode 53: Mini Singer Milana .

Milana first jumped into my life when she came to support her mum in my MS Swimathon team in 2016, but ended up swimming for most of the 12 hours only stopping to go to ballet. She returned the following year to participate in my team and this time swimming the entire 12 hours. She certainly put me to shame and filled with positive envy of how wonderful it is to have oodles of energy when you are a kid.

Sporting prowess aside, Milana shared her singing talent with me. Not in an annoying way,

that we can all be when we think we are good at something. It is quite the opposite, Milana is very reserved and needs some encouragement to sing, but when she does you will stop and listen. Unaccompanied and even to an untrained ear, you will hear she is pitch perfect and very accomplished.

Milana partipates in the school junior choir, "Mini Singers" and took centre stage at this year's Xavier Day to perform a solo. She shares her nerves of the event in the podcast, and her honesty is as priceless as her gift.

Milana I am so proud to know you and only hope that I can continue to follow your development and growth into an amazing Australian woman. I'd also like to order your first album, you let me know how I can do this when you are recorded.

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