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Maryborough Park Run

Pyjamas at Maryborough Park Run : Cr Paul Truscott, Jussy Linderberg & her Park Run wheels "Matt Damon".

I was lucky enough to participate in Maryborough Park Run's 4th Birthday event. I can't pretend I ran the distance, however I did start and finish along with my furry offsider Ruby. This was made possible by Fraser Coast Regional Councillor, Paul Truscott, who pushed me as I sat on Matt Damon.

Having a 5km connection with Paul, as he pushed Matt Damon, I found out a bit more of

Half way on the Maryborough Park Run circuit. Fantastic weather for a 4th birthday.

what was happening in Maryborough, & especially the Maryborough Park Run. The chat link will be able to be listened to by clicking on this link to the podcast.

Having walked other park run circuits, I can say I found the circuit a smooth ride, suitable for all abilities. The participants all shared a common joy and positivity for being there. The friendly group meets for coffee afterwards & I had many offers of support to push me in any Maryborough Park Run future meets . .... I am not sure if it is me or they really just want their hands on my Matt Damon, but it doesn't matter. If you are reading this and think you would like to attend the Park Run but would like some assistance, I would encourage you to contact your local Park Run co-ordinator.


Visit Maryborough Park Run link, to find out more.

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