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Marine Dreams Realised in the Fraser Coast

Humpback Whale research has brought Rachael to Hervey Bay.  She now works onboard Tasman Venture sharing her knowledge with visitors to the Fraser Coast Region.
Marine Biologist Beautiful Person Rachael Nidiffer chatted today about how she found her passion, Marine Mammals. Pictured is Alicia Wade, Rachael & me at The Front Room, Hervey Bay.

When I first met Rachael Nidiffer in March this year, I had marked her as someone I must take time to do a podcast with. It is her story & her knowledge of the humpack whales that I found myself wanting to discover more.

When we sat down at The Front Room today to meet for a casual podcast, once again I found myself amazed at how positive & driven the people I connect with on this journey are.

If you know someone aspiring to work with wildlife, marine wildlife, or anything really, take time to listen to Rachael's podcast Episode 28: Marine Dreams. Rachael found her passion while holidaying in Floriday, and from that chance experience she went onto study, then volunteer to further her knowledge in marine studies. This is how she came to be in Hervey Bay.

So today I learned that we have a Humpback Whale researchers based in the Fraser Coast called The Pacific Whale Foundation. If you have not heard of this organisation, I would encourage you to take a visit to their website HERE.

For anyone visiting the Fraser Coast and looking at hiring a watercraft, here is a link to The Pacific Whale Foundations "Be Whale Aware Guidelines" handy for anyone thinking of getting close to these beautiful mammals.

Thank you for your time today Rachael & Alicia, the podcast was a lot of fun and it is noted that you are both onboard to do more into the future!

To subscribe to the podcast, simply find Everything Fraser Coast on Spotify & Podbean.

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