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Mandy Moo's Sparkle

If you like supporting local, Mandy McKay is about as local as you can get. Owner/operator of Mandy Moo's Cleaning Crew, Mandy came into my life when she was highly recommended by others as a wiz bang domestic cleaner. What they didn't tell me was what a beautiful woman she is, a gorgeous and fiercely proud mum of two little girls.

Mandy isn't a cleaner, she is professional and takes a lot of care about what she does. She is very humble and it is only when I enquired more about her business, did I realise she wasn't a solo cleaner do a few jobs here and there, in fact, Mandy has a team - her Cleaning Crew - The Moo Crew. She actually does everything from regular government cleans eg Post office, commercial cleans such as banks, builders cleans and how I met her, domestic cleans. Mandy is a business woman who started from scratch.

I've now had the chance to experience the Mandy Moo Clean both in a domestic sense & at

work with builder's cleans, and I have no hesitation to say she is extremely proud of her work, works extremely hard & has sensitive care to other people's property. She only hand picks her crew to be the same also, but it is Mandy who really stands out.

So, if you need any more information about Mandy Moo's Cleaning Crew, head to facebook & find her on this link.

Mandy is happy to provide you with a free quote for whatever your cleaning needs are. Let her know you read the blog or listened to the podcast, she will love to know!

Thank you Mandy for the sparkle you add to my day!

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