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Little Black Book of Gratitude

When I recently sat down to record Episode 15, aptly titled Gratitude Balls, with Alicia Ann Wade, I discovered yet another side to this Fraser Coast Mother/Entrepeneur/Educator.

There are no shortcuts to Alicia finding her passion & developing that passion into a business. Her tenacity, motivation & empathy is forging a path of success by Alicia for Alicia. Watch this space!

Before I go on now, let me just pause & reflect so I don't lose you. I am in the Alicia fan club because her approach to everything but she will agree that we need to keep it real! That being her slogan I know she will agree, so I think it only fair to balance out the story and say that we only achieve this drive and clarity from being knocked down, which can occur in many forms, but Alicia's real story is one of survival. She is insprational because she has transformed her life & is well & truly in the captains chair.

I have known Alicia for about four years now & I have seen her pursue goals & dreams fearlessly which is why I know she is a woman to watch, she is going places (I can only hope I might be able to carry her bags....hint hint Alicia). But today, I would like to draw your focus in on Little Black Book Gratitude, a journal filled with meaningful quotes aimed at starting a conversation or though process. How the journal owner uses the journal is up to them, it was designed as a silent accompaniment to focus your thoughts for self-reflection.

"Your past does not define your future."a reflection from Little Black Book Gratitude by Alicia Ann Wade.

This thought provoking journal is a perfect gift for all ages. Whether it is a gift for yourself, it would make a beautiful gift for anyone. Alicia has been contacted by educators already wishing to place orders. With my copy I will be using this as a conversation starter with my teenagers, just for those moments when we feel it is needed.

To find out more about Alicia Ann Wade you listen to the podcast (link below) & also contact Alicia via her Facebook page.

Order your copy of Little Black Book Gratitude RRP $29.95 plus p&h here directly with the author.

Listen & subscirbe to Podcasts at Everything Fraser Coast on Podbean.

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