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Little Bites Beat The Blue

I met the most amazing young woman today. Jessie Leigh McCarthy arrived at my studio to record her first ever podcast. She isn't the first person who has arrived on my doorstep almost apologizing for this, but I can say she, like everyone else who has sat across from me, is an amazing person and an absolute shining star in every way.;

What makes this podcast powerful, in my opinion, is Jessie own her story. She openly talks about her childhood being removed from her mum, along with her sisters. A time which would be incredibly traumatic, only to find herself in another abuse setting. Listening to Jessie share, I realise she is only in her first decade of taking control as a young adult. By control, I mean able to make change and help other people with her own experiences.

To get to this point in Jessie's life would be a number of podcasts, that I hope she lets me do with her at a later date. But through her various abuse settings, periods in life and people that have been in her life, she has risen and has an incredibly energetic & bubbly persona instantly putting you at ease with her. Jessie is perfectly suites, in my opinion, to help other people with accessing a safe place to find a way of early intervention of abuse, be it physical, emotional or other.

So fast forwarding to now, Jessie is a mum of 3, married and happily living hear in the Fraser Coast, which has been her home for the majority of her life. At a point in life, finding clarify on how she wanted to help others, she launched her business "Bite The Blue, and then it happened. By it, I mean Covid-19. A struggle for any business, especially a new business. But where there is a storm there is a rainbow. This time has allowed Jessie to fine tune and reflect and now is geared up to drive her business in the right direction.

Bite The Blue is a model offering to connect people needing someone to talk to with an Ambassador of Bite The Blue. This is an early intervention service. This is designed to tackle abuse in small bite size pieces to work towards ending the abuse cycle, helping those being abused have a voice, and have ambassadors available to talk, message or have any form of contact individualised. The service is open for any age as abuse has no limitations.

To get in touch with Jessie to find out how to be involved with becoming an Ambassador of Bite The Blue, call her on 0422 793 177 or find her on facebook at Bite The Blue HERE.

Several Safe Place businesses have collaborated with Bite The Blues & will have on display the Bite The Blue logo (image at top of blog). A huge thank you to these businesses who are already on board supporting the community (in the Fraser Coast & Melbourne):

ESPRESSO 3.31 Hervey Bay

Miss Cocoa's Hervey Bay

Burnet Butter, Melbourne

To get involved as a Safe Place for Bite The Blues, maybe wear a few shirts on a special day of the week - or have your own special promotion, or just display the logo, simply contact Jessie 0422 795 197.

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