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Lids 4 Kids

Fr Coast has a co-ordinator to collect lids for Lids 4 Kids.
Lids 4 Kids turn plastic bottle lids into filament which Envision Hands transforms into mobility aids distributed to people in need worldwide.

Plastic bottle lids can be recycled & are being transformed into mobility aids such as prosthetic hands for children, worldwide.

How wonderful that this has been introduced into my life, your life, it is repurposing & recycling at its very best. An environmental nasty being turned into a purposeful solution for children who mobility challenges.

I must admit learning about Lids 4 Kids has not only opened my eyes to the number of children requiring prosthetic limbs, and also the incredible volume of landfill created the plastic lids and the simple fact that putting plastic lids in yellow recycle bins is not helping the environment as they still end up in landfill.

Further down I will give you some extract information about the volunteer organisation Lids 4 Kids, and the person behind seeing the need. But how can you help, today, in the Fraser Coast Region? It is really simple. Start saving your lids, plastic, all sizes & colours. Great if you can give them a rinse & even sort into colours. Even better if you count the colours, get your kids to count the colours. These all get put together as a region, sorted & counted by colour, so when an order for a particular prostheic limb - eg. a Red & Blue hand, or a Batman themed hand is requested, the appropriate colours can be turned into fillaments and then repurposed into the mobility aids.

This process is simplistic and meaningfully giving back to the community. Can this story get any better? Disadvantaged people are being trained to operate the 3D Printing Equipment. This is an inspirational journey your drink bottle lids are taking in not only helping the environment (by reducing the impact), providing a solution to children & also to disadvantaged people.

Meet your local co-ordinator, Cat Taylor, Cat discovered Lids 4 Kids when visiting Townsville & contacted Tim Miller to see how she could be involved. Hearing there was no co-ordinator in the region, she stepped up to take up this community service. Cat mentions in the podcast the support needed, mostly with businesses & organisations to contact her as a drop off location for bags of lids. She welcomes more volunteers and in particular would appreciate people from Tiaro, Bauple, Broweena, Maryborough and other outer lying areas to contact her if they can assist her raising awareness & collecting in those areas.

Listen to Podcast 40: Lids 4 Kids for more information.

Lids 4 Kids was founded as a 100% volunteer organisation in May 2019 by Tim Miller. Tim is a Canberra Full Time Dad of 3 boys under 10. The link here to

The family turning bottle caps into prosthetic limbs for children in need, Recycling Near You, July 2 2019, provides a good background to Tim and his family.

Envision Hands information can be found at this link HERE.

Get in touch with Cat Taylor by Facebook, link HERE.

Some of the local drop off points are:- Replenish, Main Street, Hervey Bay

Cat Taylor Regional Area Co-ordinator for Lids 4 Kids is calling out for more drop off locations & also volunteers.

U Can Recycle, Booral, Chads Recycling, Stocklands businesses including The Coffee Club. Contact Cat to find out more about drop locations near you.

Thank you Cat Taylor for your time. You are another beautiful person doing an amazing job helping others.

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