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IPetChat The Very Best Care of Your Pet

Fraser Coast woman turns problem into a solution by creating App.

anya Ross is a beautiful woman of Aboriginal & Torres Strait background. We are kindred spirits with the love of our Maltese Shitzu furbabies, Nicholas & Ruby.

Listen to Episode 65: IPetChat to hear the quirky interview filled with great information & laughter.

An exciting journey started with traumatic experience of stress & anxiety when Nicholas, notoriously successful at escaping his yard, went on an adventure of his own. A sleepless night & many lost fingernails & tears, it was fortunately a happy ending with Nicholas appearing the neighbour's backyard oblivious to the distress caused to Tanya.

Following the ordeal, a light bulb moment on how to solve this problem in the future to fast

track finding your lost furbaby. An idea to unite a community of likeminded people. An idea to solve a problem & provide a wider community benefit. An idea to avoid future sleepless nights.

Without any background in IT or Technology, Tanya set out on a journey of discovery & learning to turn her idea of an App, into a reality. This journey so far has taken five years of time & money, but she is now only a small step away from prototype development. This is where the functionality is developed.

What makes this even more positive and wonderful is that Tanya is of a middle age, has only average IT skills like an average person & her heart is completely committed to keeping pets safe. She demonstrates that there is no age limit to pursue dreams & also that there is a lot of support available to take you on that journey if you have the determination to pursue your dreams.

Chatting with Tanya, she is very forthcoming to share her journey so far & offers lots of insight into what an App developing journey may look like. Here are just a few of the tips I was able to collect from our interview.

Top tips to make the App idea a reality:-

1. Get a clear vision of your idea - identify the problem it is solving.

2. Do your research to find out what is available to solve this need.

3. Protect your idea - create a disclosure agreement to ensure whoever you discuss your idea with is legally bound to not use your intellectual property.

4. Access available training to understand the build through to marketing of your App.

5. Make sure you are clear on what your primary business/App idea is.

6. Ask yourself what scalability your App has. How can it further develop & grow?

For Tanya, her App is set to be launched into the Pet Industry. Some quick facts she reveals are:-

10 million pets in Australia

63% of households have a pet

12 billion dollar industry and growing

IPetChat has potential to further connect the pet community with all services, facilities & reminders for the health & wellbeing of your pet.

Interwoven through Tanya's vision for the future of IPetChat is how to pay forward benefits for the community to support organisations providing a rescue service to animals.

Tanya is currently welcoming investor enquiries to join on the final stage of the journey. The best way to find out more about this amazing opportunity is to call Tanya on 0421 562670 or via Facebook HERE.

Thank you Tanya for taking the time to chat about your amazing journey. Good luck!

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