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Identify Birds & Frogs in Your Yard

Most Australian's are familiar with Lorikeets (pictured above) but I still get excited when they decide to visit my Fraser Coast backyard. However, there are many nature species I certainly can't identify and maybe you are like me.

A chance meeting with Dave Stewart, a lover of feathered birds, has opened a world of opportunity for novice birdwatchers & frog lovers to identify the wildlife. There is always an interesting story to be shared when you find a person with a life long passion, and Dave's story is no exception!

Dave won't mind me sharing that he is aged almost 80, but age is only a number and if I didn't know that was Dave's vintage I would have thought he be at least 20 years a younger vintage. But with those years comes a lot of knowledge & experiences to share.

As early as the 1950s Dave was collecting bird sounds. But it wasn't really until he had a stint working in the Northern Territory Aboriginal Affairs in the '70s that he started building his collection of birds.

It wasn't until the 1980's, after an innocent encounter to prove a point with a mate of a bird sound, that Dave set about to use his knowledge & recording skills to build a reference guide accessible for everyone, from novice to experienced.

Nature Sounds has evolved, when you visit the website there are links to resources available,

which include apps for smart phones, developed in collaboration with Morcombe for identifying birds & another for frogs.

The apps are a valuable resource for any level of nature lover, they are a wonderful resource also for visitors to Australia. For tourism in the Fraser Coast, using the geographical data, it opens another area of tourism to attract nature lovers to enjoy mini expeditions to discover the birds categorised to be in the local area.

To fine the app, either visit Dave's website Nature Sounds or go to the App Store and search

Morcombe Stewart & the app appears.

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