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I want Time Out

The sky is the limit, we learned Fraser Coast Time Out has a team of willing & able, adventurous spirits.

It is a phrase most parents, if being completely honest, would have thought or uttered at some point. But all walks of life need to take time out and we have stumbled across a rapidly growing little business here in the Fraser Coast providing a time out service.

Time out can mean a lot of things to any person, in fact is it limited really by your time and imagination. Whether it is deep sea fishing, where you can just turn up and go home at the end of the day without a care in the world, or horseback riding on Rainbow Beach. Time Out really can be tailored to what you need.

Okay, so before you get even more excited, what makes this local business even more wonderful, is that they are providing Time Out in a support role for people with a disability. This is certainly one example of where you can only benefit if you are lucky enough to have a disability. All you perfvectly able folk can only share this information with anyone you know who would benefit with a support service who thinks outside the square.

With rapid growth of participants taking full advantage of living life to the fullest with Fraser Coast Time Out, why not get in touch with Errol and Kerrie to discuss what your interests are. If mobility is an issue, just have a chat with the team and even if they cannot cater fully for you now, they are continuously improving their service to support their participants. We would encourage you to register your interest with Fraser Coast Time Out and have a chat to see if they can keep up with you. I hear Errol is looking for someone to train for a marathon and it all starts with one step. Is that right Errol? Now I am just checking to see if he reads this to the end.

Listen to the podcast to get a feel of Fraser Coast Time Out.

Fraser Coast Time Out can be contacted on Facebook & their mobile 0419 413 780. Tell him Jussy sent you.

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