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I Can't Get No, Satisfaction - I'm Aitken for a ticket! - 26th June 2021

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Fast forward to the 26th June 2021, can you hear that? That is the sobbing & wailing of those people who missed out on tickets or just forgot to put this event on their calendar!

Okay, now, getting serious. This event was scheduled for 2020 & like just about everything human, it was cancelled. The show is going on this year, & it is now even bigger & better (if that was possible). Organiser/Creator/Extreme Community Person, Suzanne Taylor, has pulled together an amazing line up of entertainment.

Check out Episode 104 to hear a bit more about this event.

If you know the Fraser Coast RV Park, it is set on 70+ acres, half of which is donated to nature reserve, but the area of the concert is not massive. This is set to be a decent size crowd, but one where everyone will enjoy & have an intimate experience with the entertainment (you can read that however you wish.....sorry 8 Ball). No what I mean is, this is being set to be a safe, family audience, tonnes of entertainment, great food & spectacular atmosphere.

If you are a child of the 60s- 70s you will especially enjoy the guitar genius, tongue lashing

lyrics of The Rolling Stone Experience, a step light years ahead in talent compared to my ukulele practice. Yes guys, I will be happy to honor you with a support strum if needing an acoustic tone to your performance.

Now I have known Suzanne for about 2 and half years, and one thing I have learnt is, she doesn't do anything by halves. I would expect this event to be nothing but a blueprint on your brain from a great time had by all. Which is why it does not surprise me at all that she has secured an international headline act, the amazingly talented, sexy & bluesy 8 Ball Aitken - these guys play swamp blues slide guitar all over the world. They are here in Australia, direct from Nashville, touring & on track to be here in the Fraser Coast for the River Heads Rocks. Yes 8 Ball, I am on standby with my Ukulele......

Let's not forget that the profits are not lining the organiser, but being donated to a charity close to my heart & being, MS Queensland. The profits will be donated towards my current fundraiser 100Ks To Utopia, as I ride in June 2021 100kms raising money for MS.

I would like to thank the other sponsors who have come on board to support River Heads Rocks & make this idea a reality.

This event has disability amenities, is wheelchair friendly.

Grab your tickets here.

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