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Hurricane Brings David Into Focus

I can't believe I sat with David Yeo today & he didn't let on it was his birthday. I am kicking myself for missing an opportunity to practice my singing & bashing out the old tune "Happy Birthday To You". Thank you David for sitting with me today.

So who is the man behind the lense, I find photographers aren't generally too comfortable when the focus is back on them.....sorry David!!

I discovered there is so much more to David. He has a kind heart and generous spirit. He has helped me out with producing some amazing photos for my podcast.

Having limited vision, I have changed on how I manage my own expectations. It is not something I was even aware of before, but now I approach everything as a surprise and that is exactly what I felt when I met David and then also received my images. I will try and explain that a little betgter.

When engaging a service from somegone, any service, you will generally have preconceived

David Yeo in front of the lense being interviewed.

ideas on what you would expect. Now I tend to through chance into the wind more frequently and what I am finding is life is very exciting because it is filled with surprises. So relaying this back to my photos and David's photography, I was impressed with how David understood insanely quickly what I was looking to achieve. Quite frankly he didn't just nail it, he exceeded what I imagined would arrive in my inbox.

David's does a lot of goodwill photography, he is involved with Make a Wish Foundation and he certainly helped me out. I've made a new friend & would encourage business to contact David Yeo 0418 795 752 to discuss your photography & social media needs.

Visit David Yeo Photography on Facebook & also on Instagram to view David's gallery

Listen to this podcast here. Subscribe to Everything Fraser Coast on Podbean to keep updated automatically.

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