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Humpbacks of Hervey Bay

Join Tasman Ventures Hervey Bay to experience remote Fraser Island as part of the Swim with the Whales experience.
Remote Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia.

We live in their backyard & aren't we blessed. Yesterday, the day finally arrived for me to gently slide into the winter waters of the Fraser Coast to experience the swimming with Humpback Whales.

It is a gentle submerging, not a jump, even though every inch of my being wanted to jump overboard to get as close as possible, we have to approach these gentle giants with a unthreatening approach. The Humpbacks are currently migrating south with their calfs, on their way to the icy antarctic waters. They love to frolick in the shore of Hervey BAy as they make the most of the warmer waters on their journey . This creates an unbelievable experience.

I was aboard Tasman VEnture, hosted by a crew of skipper Millie & her 3 crew Rachael, Mark & Tai. As we set out in the morning there were mentions from my fellow travellrs that they just wanted to see the whales & weren't worried about swimming with them. This is fine, as there is no pressure to wim with the whales, & the show from the boat is breathtaking in itself. However, as we met our first pod of 3 Humpbacks & the skipper invited us to prepare ourselfves in wetsuits in case a swimming opportunity arose, I noticed how everyone was now super keen to swim. The excitement & obvious gentleness of the whales stripped everyone who had hesitation and reservation of their fears.

Of course the day that my scheduled trip to the Humpbacks ended up overcast. This did not dampen the experience in the slightest. I don't relly know if this meant we saw more or less whales. I just know we had a lot of whale time & sorry I have to say it, a whale of a time.

I could write a lot more but will save you the time. Here is a link to my TripAdvisor review & you can watch the video attached to this blog. This is an experience I want to do every year. Maybe next year I can do on a kayak, wouldn't that be amazing.

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