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How to kiss a whale

When I chatted with Tasman Venture Skipper Millie Stell, even I was surprised when I ended up getting a crash course on how to attract a whale. Of course I am single, & not necessarily looking for a whale, but a whale of a time would be awesome. Millie's insight into how to gain the attention of a good tempamented whale will be put into practice when I board the Tasman Venture swim with the whales adventure later this August.

Millie has recommended making myself as interesting as possible. This is to attract the inquisitive mammal so they will approach where I will be floating. The whale's vision extends above the water surface, so waving and calling greetings is a good place to start. I guess just like if you were online dating, you'd want to do something to attract the attention your way, though yaa-hoo-ing & splashing around in the water may not be the cup of tea for everyone. Millie thought my suggestion of wearing a mohalk wig would also help (not sure if she is setting me up). Perhaps the Wonder Woman costume best stay home, kept dry for next years FraserPop Culture Festival, but I will have to think about something eye catching for my whale attracting mission, to test her theory & have a laugh.

Before you get the wrong idea about me, yes I am only interested in swimming with a whale

Tasman Venture Skipper, Millie Stell

& not a Whale-Tinder experience, no swipe right please Mr Whale, I hope to be so close I can actually see the whale. For me that means a metre or maybe two. Apparently rubbing myself with kelp will not have any positive effect on attracting whale attention, so my friends will be relieved, mental note cancel collecting kelp the day before.

I am curious as to how a whale smells, as I have learned that a whale smell is very distinct. Millie has cleared this up for me today. Whale's scent is their bad breath. Oh geez, I don't think I need to get too close to that end to have this experience. I am not fond of bad breath. Which leads me to the interesting fact that was shared with me yesterday, which I have now shared with Millie & now you. Did you know that whale vomit is as precious as gold. Actually more precious if going by the gram. It is used in perfume to extent the shelf life of some of the more exclusive perfumes. Before you go running along the beach to scabenge for whale vomit, there are actual licensing laws here in Australia for the collection of whale vomit, known as Ambergris. To find out more, just google whale vomit.

Soon I will be experiencing the Swim with the Whales aboard Tasman Venture & I encourage you to not miss out on this amazing adventure for yourself. With thousands of whales migrating passed the Fraser Coast between July & October you'd be crazy to miss this affordable opportunity.

Thank you again to Tasman Venture for taking me on the tour, along with my group. Thank especially to Robyn for our earlier podcast. A massive thank you to Millie Stell, if you did not suggest swimming with the whales, I don't think I would have even considered doing it. I am soon to be a local who has seen & swum with the whales. I cannot wait!

Call Tasman Venture on 1800 620 322.

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