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Horses Healing Hearts

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Queensland's Fraser Coast is home to Horses Healing Hearts. Owner/Counsellor Clair Star has been running her equine therapy service from her rural property at Graham's Creek, just 15 minutes drive from the Maryborough CBD. I travelled to Clair's property recently to discover what it is she is offering & who it is that she caters her service to. I never expected to fall in love with Graham's Creek & fortunate enough to find another beautiful soul, but that is another day in my life, it is what I do. I am very lucky indeed.

So after recently purchasing my very first horse, I started searching for everything & anything available in the Fraser Coast region available to me relating to horses. It is that first google search that I found Horses Healing Hearts. While I don't need to own or have any interest in horses to utilize the service & access Clair's amazing support, it is what led me on the journey of finding out more about her business.

At the very core of what Clair is providing is an opportunity to remove any noise from your life and to focus on the horses. Their breathing, movements, behaviours. Clair is a guide for your journey to be mindful with horses & how close you get with the horses is up to you. There is no riding involved, this is about being with the horses and the magic just happens.

Clair's property is situated at Graham's Creek. This is the little farmlet area between Maryborough West & Mungar. It is rolling hills & trees broken up with open paddocks, & after the rain, beautiful green views and crisp blue skies. The road isn't hectic like the highway so road noise disappears from your mind.

So many situations & people could benefit from experiencing Horses Healing Hearts. Sessions are best discussed with Clair directly so she can cater for your needs. She is open to working with individual's, small groups, and really tailors her sessions with each client specific to their needs & goals.

Another plus is Horses Healing Hearts is registered as an NDIS provider & Clair is happy to discuss options for you to utilize your funding to access her service & also how to word your goals to include funding when you seek you plan review.

There is no sofa, no flash polished office for Clair. This is an authentic farm experience with rusted corrugated timber, fencing, basic amentities. But this adds to the charm.

The magic can happen for everyone at Horses Healing Hearts, just to experience the silence with the horses. As a family or couple, it may bring you closer together, at an individual level, you may be able to unwind & put energy back into your self, that self care and self love we hear about.

Clair is registered as a Counsellor & as an EAGALA Trained Therapist. To find out more about EAGALA model therapy, visit their website here.

Here is a wonderful video explaining EAGALA.

I am very excited to return soon to Clair's property, as I have asked Clair to help me be mindful with my own horse. I think I am already doing this, but I can always learn from others & I am sure there is body language, breathing, sounds that I am not aware of and I really need those extra connections when I can't rely on my sight.

Get in touch with Clair via

Mobile 0488 433 617,

Facebook Horses Healing Hearts 999,

or website.

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