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Henry's Journey of Positivity

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

You hear all the time, parents and oldies complaining about how the younger generations don't go outside, get off the couch. That couldn't be further from this incredibly motivated young man, who I had the pleasure of recently interviewing.

I caught up with Henry Rider at an Outreach Doctors and Unicopia special event to provide an opportunity for Fraser Coast community members to learn & work with a couple of professional musicians from Brisbane. It wasn't a podcast interview planned, but on the spot I asked Henry if he'd be interested and the rest is history.

First up I need to tell you that Henry is incredibly good looking. So any talent scouts out there needing a handsome young man for their brand, I would suggest you put a ridiculous proposal to Henry! Of course Henry doesn't know I am writing this. Secondly, he has one of the best radio toned voices I have had the pleasure of interviewing - so make sure you check out and listen to the podcast. But Henry's real charm is his love of life, and learning adventures.

Henry is well known in the basketball community, being a long time member of the Fraser Coasters, wheelchair basketball team. He hasn't just been a team member, but has played an important role in creating the community and seeing the team flourish and now having won the championship, they are a winning team! The thought of playing basketball, such a fast paced game, with able bodied people is daunting for many, but to achieve this skill level at the fast pace within the confines of a wheelchair is something I don't consider an easy feat. It is multi tasking at its premium. Dribbling, travelling, turning, throwing, catching, defending, attacking.....the mind boggles. Let's declare Henry a master of his balls. You can get your mind out of the gutter, it is his basketballs I am referring to.

Also Henry has two very green thumbs. A successful coffee tree crop, boutique plantation, he nurtures with the ambition of propogating and researching potential opportunities for his coffee harvest. This isn't a simple process, it time, patience, research and a lot of nurturing. When I asked Henry where the coffee idea came from, it was pretty obvious that he comes from a family of coffee lovers! So why not grow and be self sufficient with coffee! I cannot wait to taste Henry's beans!

Henry thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story with your busy life. This is only a tiny snippet of all of the wonderful positive activities you have going on. Thank you for participating in my podcast.

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