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Getting Naked with Miss Shelly Seashells

Fraser Coast Region Artist offers art group activities from $5-$10.

It is not everyday that I offer my body for the Arts.

Australia & Fraser Coast Region, check out Episode 24 Art 4 Fun for Everyone, in which I met the artist & beautiful person who is Miss Shelly Seashells.

Michelle Valdivia, also known as her stage name "Miss Shelly Seashells" has a passion for Art. Even though Shelly finds it a natural ability, she spends her time making art experiences accessible to others. I have a personal interest in anything accessible & inclusive, be it in general or for people living with a disability, illness or just getting on a bit.

Shelly shares "Accessing Art with no pressures of a structured workshop, can create a joyful & confidence building experience."

This hits a second chord with me because I have attended Art Workshops in the past where I have left feeling very inadequate. This came from a combination of my own lack of skill & needing to use a paint brush rather than my fingers, but also having it scripted to me what I must do. For me, just because the person next to me is painting a sail boat, shouldn't mean that I can't paint a watermelon...... even if my watermelon starts out as a sailboat.

Miss Shelly Seashells is making Art accessible for everyone, everyability, every budget in the Fraser Coast Region.

What I find beautiful in what Shelly is offering the community, is every aspect of accessiblity has been taken into careful consideration. To explain this further it is the facilities she locates her Art 4 Fun in, must have full accessibility, bathrooms & parking for everyone. The price has been set (this includes everything you need & you get to take home your art), at an affordable for any budget.

It doesn't surprise me to learn that many clients are repeat customers, and after having an afternoon contemplating my own Art experiences, I feel even I could throw myself back into to have a go ..... as long as I stick with black & white.

Shelly isn't forthcoming in promoting her many achievements but she has won Awards with her Art & had opportunities to travel abroad. I would encourage you to contact her to find out more about commissioning a piece of art or purchasing from her gallery (see her facebook link below).

So, if you have read this blog hoping for some raunchy nudity, I am not going to apologise for saying you will just have to listen to the podcast to learn what it is all about.

Connect with Michelle Valdivia, Art for fun,via her facebook page link here. You can also connect via Ph: 0403 292 218.

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