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From The Other Side

Listen to Episode 69: Margaret's Spiritual side & you will possibly gain a little more understanding into the world of spiritual reading & healing.

Originally from NSW, Margaret is has been in the Fraser Coast more than 4 decades & is possibly now able to say she is a local. Now living in Maryborough, she has lived in a number of areas within the Fraser Coast having called Hervey Bay & Howard home in the past.

These days, Margaret performs you passion when it is asked of her. It isn't the type of

passion, hobby or self employment that you market to attract customers. To do what Margaret does, clients are drawn to her & make contact with her. Perhaps a good example is how she came to be sitting in my podcast studio.

Margaret openly shared in the podcast how she came to be a psychic or spiritual reader. I guess it was a great opportunity to ask those questions & find out how someone would end up in the spiritual field of work. As Margaret explains in her podcast, it is a lot to do with timing, having completed raising her family & her work during that period, she achieved a maturity allowing her to pursue her interests. A bit of timing & then fate connected her with the right teacher and the journey began & she has not looked back.

I don't think you'd find a more honest lady to have a chat to if you are interest in finding out more. Perhaps to gain some confidence in making a big decision, connecting with a loved one or just to ask some random question to see where it takes you.

Margaret also offers spiritual healing & is currently working towards offering workshops to help others grow the spirituality. I can't wait to see what she is offering, because combined with her skill & her sense of humour, I am sure it will be a very enjoyable experience.

To connect with Margaret Silvester, find her on Facebook at Create Harmony.

Thank you Margaret & all the best for the year ahead! You know it will be fantastic!

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