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Okay, I live in my T & Shorts, I'll admit it, so when I recently chatted with local lass Leah Harvey, I couldn't help feeling like my inviting her into my studio was a subconscious plea for help. Funnily, Leah refers to herself as a provider of professional help. Leah! Thank you for providing me with the perfect prescription to add mojo to my wardrobe, and in turn mojo to me.

I must backtrack, before I totally lose you. Leah is a local mum of 3 boys. That is, she is a boy-mumma for her two gorgeous boys and a mumma-wife (ha) to her Husband Luke. When pressed about her keen interest in fashion, she jokingly explains it is a commonly seen trait amongst boy-mummas that they harness their fashion to channel creativity when being the only females in the home. Sounds like it really is a 'thing', and I think Leah should write a story for that, it would make a fun show to watch.

Anyhow, back onto Leah.Born & raised in the Fraser Coast, Leah Harvey is just about as true blue local as you can get. Her early interest in glamour makeup and fashion over the years was influenced by her loving, eclectic and supportive parents, who supported her expression through fashion on a shoe string budget. Leah talks about her amazing parents guiding her to develop a passion into fashion.

In the midst of her fashion interests spanning her 37 years, she had a change of scenery working on Fraser Island working in environmental education. Now back on the mainland in the bay working with women to dress for their body shape and skin tones. I hope you take a listen to the podcast to hear how Leah describes what she does.

Listen to Episode 57 Deconstrucvted Catwoalk MakeUp Mojo.

In 2019, Leah has taken a leap into hosting deconstructed fashion shows. What on earth is a

deconstructed fashion show? Leah explains, it is a fashion show at a venue set out in its usual layout, with models walking amongst the tables and seating. When attending, attending everyone enjoys a front row and is spoiled by lux food & beverages. Guests experience almost touching the garments modelled by playful models. Models are selected to be of a variety of normalised shapes, size, feature blemishes, stretch marks or scars, wearing designer garments. Models are relatable.

With two very successful shows under her belt, Leah is now workingin onher next show soon to be launched.

The first show for 2020 will be on 4th April in Maryborough at The Bond Store. If her past two shows are a trend to follow, this Maryborough show will sell out quickly.

When I asked Leah about how she finds her venues, she explains they are hand picked to have a vibe & atmosphere to create a special event.

Designers showcased by Leah are often emerging artists and wherever possible she incorporates local designers. She would love to connect with any designers who have not yet made contact with her.

Another rewarding way Leah uses her make up and fashion skills is with personal coaching and consulting to guide a woman to dress best for herself. This may be shopping to select clothes to flatter their shape, even over haul a tired wardrobe.

No your body shape
No your body features
Have an idea on the colour combinations that suit you the best.

Contact Leah Harvey by finder her on her Facebook HERE.

Or Tel. 0439 723 832

For me, losing my vision and colour from the little vision I have left, I have asked Leah to

Leah Harvey is helping women of all ages, shapes & backgrounds rediscover how to dress to suit their unique self.

assist me when I am ready to update for a new season. Maybe there are other people out there who are in a similar situation with disability limiting their ability in this area?

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