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Ferret Muzzles to Goat Chastity Belts, More to this Saddler

I was lucky enough to chat with Fraser Coast Saddle Maker, Leather Master Craftsman, Gary Buzzer at his workspace in Kingstons Rural Supplies Tinana. It was great to finally chat with Gary after learning that the Fraser Coast Region has its very own Saddle Maker.

The Saddler apprenticeship is rare these days, but Gary's skills expand anything made of leather....except whips as I discovered in the podcast chat Episode 106 - listen here.

Gary fell into his trade when leaving school and has developed a passion for all leather work. He has been the resident saddler at Kingstons for almost two decades. I personally find it fascinating as it is a trade that is slowing becoming redundant as modernisation has impacted the increased use of synthetics and reduced leathers. Driven mostly by cost, the craft of leather making is rare as hens teeth.

Sitting in Gary's workspace, he has many projects on the go. From repairing rocking horses and making leather saddles, bridles and stirrups to go on the rocking horses, to repairing leather seats and of course leather saddles.

Gary, or Buzzer as he is also known as, would be fantastic to have a beer with. My gosh, the

Gary Buzzer with Jussy (EFC) & Tracy (Kingstons)

stories of ferret muzzles, goat chastity belts and who know what else he has handcrafted! Recommend you don't google search ferret muzzles unless you want to disappear in a rabbit hole for a long time - that was very educational and I am trying to forget everything I just viewed. Ahh but though I tried to get Gary to share some of his more risky & naughty leather creations made to order, he holds his clients details close to his heart and wouldn't share details but the cheeky grin left me knowing there was some interesting shories there, but I just hadn't cracked the nut to get to them! That's okay Gary, I have a good imagination.

So if you are looking for personal gifts, a leather solution to a problem, a repair or just about anything leather - pop into Kingstons Rural Supplies, ask to chat with Gary and the counter staff will point you to his direction. Tell him Jussy sent you !!

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