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Experience Altitude in the Fraser Coast

From the words of Queensland Weekender Host Chris Hemsworth, "every town needs a Moira", & meant in the most flattering way possible, he is absolutely right.

What Moira doesn't know about Mt Walsh National Park & Biggenden, in my opinion, isn't worth knowing. I am a huge fan of this Biggenden ladies youthful approach to life, her zest, her passion & how she shares those with others.

The podcast episode shares a bit of Moira's background, but the lady today spends many hours each week tracking & protecting the Mt Walsh National Park. The National Park itself has unlimited hiking potention, & Moira will be happy to guide you through the park on its unmarked trails to venture into aw remote areas hidden throughout the park.

Moira can work with a large range of abilities & group sizes. Her core business is guiding school groups & working with the SES Cadets which often involves camping & extreme remote tours.

The best place to go to find out more about Moira's services are her website & facebook page. She is happy to tailor tours to suit your group & a tour usually includes refreshments while on tour. If curious about a day hike, expect a bush walk which will take you through the park without the luxury of a well worn path. You can expect to learn a lot about the local area'history, flora and fauna. Plan a full day, with a hike averaging approximately 5 hours. Depending on the hike, it may involve sliding down rock faces, climbing up & over rocks, cliffs, waterfalls, rockpools & summit reaching.

If you have not discovered Mt Walsh National Park yet, put it on your to do list. You will be amazed at the beauty in our Fraser Coast backyard. We are so lucky in the Fraser Coast, we have Fraser Island, kilometres of beautiful beaches, the rural country towns & scenery and magnificent Mt Walsh National Park. All within a couple of hours from one extreme point to the other. Why would you live anywhere else?

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Planning and adventure - Moira Thompaon & Jussy Linderberg at the Coffee Possie in Biggenden,.


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