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Exclusively Inclusive - Fraser Coast Steps In the Right Direction

Inclusion is positive.  Exclusion is destructive, isolating.
Nobody wants to be excluded, imagine being excluded from accessing community. Fraser Coast Inclusion Exhibition is having it's inaugural event 19th September 2019. Find out more by contacting the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre.

I grew up with diversity in my home & inclusion was just how we lived. My twin is a quadraplegic but it was just a given that whatever we did as ratbag kids, he would be a part of the action. Many scrapes & laughs later, it was never labelled as being inclusive, for us it was normal. When we went to the snow at age 8, we modified toboggans so my brother could be part of the action, when we went bushwalking throughout my childhood, we had to always problem solve how to get the wheelchair through. I would credit this approach to our mum, because it was never given a thought that we could not do something, it was just a challenge to overcome. So it is funny to see the world now trying to catch up & become inclusive. It is all positive though & what a great time to live, when inclusion is recognised as a positive trait.

2019 see the launch of the Inaugural Fraser Coast Inclusion Exhibition, but what does this mean? I sat down with Inclusion Ready Officer, Melissa Lay, to find out more.

Melissa explains the even brings together activities, businesses and individuals who live or work in the space of overcoming obstacles that impact on a persons access to community - limiting their involvement. It doesn't necessarily mean disability, obstacles for inclusion can be brought about by many factors, behavioral, environmental, cultural & of course disability.

The event is an opportunity to share positive outcomes & knowledge on how to be an employer in this space, or a business provider, & for individuals - a direct opportunity to meet employers, niche service providers & activities they may like to consider tapping into to.

The sky really is the limit for this event moving forward, with the possibility for the event to become a larger regional event. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Fraser Coast Region was recognised as a leader in inclusive practices.

To find out more about the event visit the Fraser Coast Inclusion Exhibition facebook page here.

Event: Fraser Coast Inclusion Ehibition

Date: Thursday 19th September, 2019 at 1pm to 5pm

Where: Hervey Bay Neighborhood Centre

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