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Emma Newman Music - Fraser Coast Rising Star

When Emma Newman arrived at my studio armed with her acoustic guitar, I knew I was in for a treat. Heads up, Emma did not disappoint.

Meet Emma. 14 years old, born in the USA's Ohio, and at the age of 2 yrs moved to Australia. Since Emma was an infant she has had a love of music. Before school age, her mum taught her some chords on the guitar, but the rest of her talent has come from within, a bit of help from youtube searches & lots of home karaoke practice.

Emma is a softly spoken & unassuming young lady. When she sings she absolutely shines, from within & has such a beautifully captivating presence. I find her craft to be one that if you were passing her busking or gigging, you would be drawn to stop.

Emma has started gigging, juggling high school & a intermittent schedule of gigs around

the Fraser Coast Region. She has a supportive team behind her, being mum & dad, who can get her where she needs to be.

Get in touch with Emma Newman Music to find out how to hire her for a gig.

Emma's single "Wings" is now available. Find Emma on Facebook to find out more.

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