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Cool Down at Sweetside

I never really know what to expect when someone comes to my studio to record a podcast the first time. I like living on the edge and not investing time in preparing or researching the person. I like the surprise of discovering everything new. It was no different when I sat down this week and met local Maryborough man Daniel Sanderson.

I connected with Daniel when I offered he chat with me to a council roundup, but I must admit I am equally just interested in getting to know the person, rather than the councillor.

So Daniel's turned up with a bit of tight scheduole, so we did the fastest speed date on history before sitting down to record. I think he nailed it though, and what he has shared is fantastic news for the region. If you watch mainstream media you probably already hear, but it was certainly news for me. Maryborough is getting a wet play area, something along the lines of a Hervey Bay Wetside. When I hear this, I feel it will transform lives from young to old, an opportunity to get together in a community space with the added bonus of being able to cool down.

Images above provided by Cr. Sanderson depicting the Maryborough design.

It is something about just being near running water that can give you a cooling effect, but tipping through puddles of splashing your face is the most refreshing way to try and beat this oppressive heat. How glorious Maryborough and outer districts no longer will have to trave all they way to the coast to have this experience.

A great deal of thought has gone into the concept with Mary Poppins and Sugar Mill themed play, and why not build on the Mary Poppins theme, it is internationally recognized and super-fraser-listically ours. What a great opportunity to draw passing motorist into the town on their hot Bruce drive.

Making this water play area even more spectacular is its all abilities design. This means it has soft fall ground cover, and accessible water play equipment integrated into the design.

The invitation to tender has just been released from Council and if all timelines go to plan, the Maryborough Wet & All Ability Play Area is anticipated to be opened by July 2020. Perfect timing to have everything running smoothly before next summer, and of course, a Maryborough winter can still be a pretty warm day.

Thank you Councillor Daniel Sanderson for sharing this positive story of what is happening in

the Maryborough Division 4 area of the Fraser Coast.

Follow this link HERE to read the Media Release by FCRC.

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