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Choose Your Future & Find Yourself

If I ever need reminding on why I do this podcast & blog, I only need to listen to this casual chat with Craig Leyden. Craig contacted me to suggest a story to be covered & I discovered he himself was a story to share. This is a story of inspiration for anyone finding themselves in a rut or trauma of any kind in their midlife. By no means does this blog or podcast with Craig claim to be any more than one mans perspective, but it is a perspective you may get one piece of information from that changes your own journey.

When i met Craig for the first time at our podcast appointment, he is as relaxed and down to earth as anyone I have met in my life. I can't imagine him ever being caught up in material assets or lifestyles.

Like many people, they visit Hervey Bay and decide this is the place to settle, so back in 2010 he bought a home with the intent of retiring with his then wife at 60. Life throws twists though and a marriage end forced a reassessment of his future. How Craig approached his steps forward is where the positive story lies. It is with a lot of self reflection of where he saw himself in a year or two, that made it possible for him to navigate out of a motel room in Gladstone to reside in the Fraser Coast.

It doesn't sound like much of a challege, but having been through something similar myself, I can testify it is challenging on many levels to change postcodes & try and rebuild a life when you have not networks, or friends. To start from scratch when most people in their late 40s & 50s are busy with family and coupled activities.

Craig's approach is ssummarised below, but a take a listen to Podcast 61: Find Yourself Again to hear Craig's story.

1. Strip back what isn't needed. De clutter your life. Excess belongings add to stress and

Jussy chats with Craig Leyden on life at 50, being minimalistic & more.

expense. Consider what you actualy need & stay true to what is needed to make you happy.

2. With the spare cash & time from your decluttering, spend more time on relationships, and activities participating in community. Get involved in something giving back to community.

Craig suggests finding the group on Facebook called Becoming Minimalist which gives tips on how to declutter your life to find happiness.

Thank you again Craig for sharing a piece of you in my podcast journey.

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