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Charity Tag A Long heading to the Kimberly National Park

2020 has been a real fizzer for getting out, exploring & wandering this awesome country of ours. Fear not, if you have access to a 4WD & a desire to spread your wings further afar than our beautiful Fraser Coast Region, then take notice of this whiz-banger of an Aussie adventure!

Just 4 Kids Children's Charity Tag-Along Adventures are all about having a good time, having a laugh & not taking yourself terribly seriously, & at the heart of it, raising a few bucks to give back to a wide variety of children's causes along the route.

It is an opportunity to not just pass through remote communities, but to meet the locals, participate at events (eg. dinners, talent night, wine & cheese......), so you can be as social as you are comfortable with. Perhaps making friendships along the way. The other fabulous bonus is all of the hard work is done for you. The months spent in mapping the route, creating the itinerary directions, planning the entire catering is all done for you. You simply turn up with your vehicle & sleeping gear & you are ready to tag-along. Don't forget the smile & the camera!!! This will be a lot of fun!

Being such a large volunteer group, planning & running the event, if you are a newbie to 4WD, then they have the back up crew to make sure you reach the end check point each day. Be mindful though, you don't want the wooden spoon award, you should plant your sights on coming in first at some point so you can depart the next day in pole position!

To find out more, visit the Just 4 Kids Children's Charity Tag-Along Adventure Events.

Alternatively, chat with Paul Taylor at Fraser Coast RV Park, Paul is the catering manager for

the event & has been involved since it began. You will also find Paul selling Mango Magic (the best smelling & best ever insect repellent, at the Urangan Pier Park Markets every Wednesday & Saturday.

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