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Channel Your Inner Super Hero - becoming the best version of you

Empower You Business Creator Christie Kearney coaches women of all ages to be the best version of themselves, physically & mentally. Christie has been helping women globally since 2011.

Empower with Christie Kearney

Christie Kearney is an Empowerment Coach and International Speaker both online, onstage and in person based on the Fraser Coast of Queensland, Australia. Loving wife, mum to two very active sons and our 2 fur babies Chief and Lacey. Since 2011 Christie has been working for herself with women for women and in that time, has helped thousands on their journey to be their best self both mentally, physically and emotionally. Listen to the podcast with Christine Kearney, Episode 45: Empower You - Harness Your Inner Superhero

Christie has had the pleasure to be interviewed and featured in local papers, internal business articles, Australian Women’s Weekly, appeared on Landline and Channel 7 Wide Bay News. I have also had the opportunity to speak to thousands of women across the world both online and offline, International Women’s Day events, Retreats on the Sunshine Coast, onstage in the USA and both the Gold Coast and Perth Convention Centre’s. Most recently become a guest speaker at Schools across the Wide Bay and Fraser Coast of Queensland and soon will become a published author.

When Christie isn’t helping women across the globe to be their best version of themselves you will find her making memories with her family, hiking with her dogs and trail riding on horseback.


Look out for Christie's book, The new rules of Health, which she has co-authored with other inspirational coaches from around the globe.

20 game changing coaches reveal their secrets to help you achieve ultimate health and wellness.

With the upcoming launch get yourself on the waiting list NOW. Follow this link to contact Christie - HERE.


Did you know that our youth today are unhappier than they were 10 years ago! Recent studies have shown that more teenagers take their own life than ANY other disease combined!

A recent article from the ABC states that giving more freedom to our teens is good for their health! Many studies show people with a greater sense of self-determination are emotionally more stable, more likely to have good health, happier and more likely to have better social relationships.

Christie says "I am talking to all the teenagers out there right now. That are not wanting to be seen or the feeling that you are invisible. That you have nothing worthy to say. That you are not pretty or popular, that you are dumb! That you are NOT seen or treated as a young adult. Not given the opportunity to make your own decisions. That you are afraid to succeed! That you are afraid to fail! I have walked in your shoes my lovely, I am here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be this way xo."


Challenges for women are different to those of Teens. Christie speaks to the women,

"I am talking to the women out there that are Waking up with dread and exhaustion, getting out of bed with the feeling of overwhelm. Having everyone else’s needs/wants met before your own and getting what’s left over. Having most days feel like you are chasing your own tail! Not having enough hours in the day, running on empty. Feeling as though this is as good as it gets. Evening catering to everyone’s needs but your own and not being appreciated. Collapsing into bed exhausted feeling like a slave to everyone and dreading the repeat tomorrow. Somehow accepting this is LIFE and this is what you deserve! Women today are expected to wear many hats and to handle it all in our stride! When the truth is constant exhaustion and state of overwhelm at some point will come and bite you on the butt at the cost of your health! I have lived all of the above and I am here to show you how to change, to be happier in all areas of your life xo."


Christie will work with you to learn and experience your self-worth. To discover what happy and healthy means to you. To practice self-love and self-care. To learn and experience self-love and self-respect. For you to recognise and practise daily that you are the most important person in your life! To be seen, to be heard, you are worth it.


Empower YOU for women 1on1 online or in person

Empowerment for my Mother and Daughter clients 1 on1 online or in person

Empower YOUth Talks – speaking to our girls from Grade 6 and above in school.

Tailored program uniquely to each client to suit their individual needs.

60% of my past and current clients are Australian and the other 40% are Americans thanks to social media and referrals.


Look for the good in every moment! Surround yourself with positivity, your fave music, books, people. Listen to your body. Take long walks on the beach barefoot, sit and relax with your barefeet on the grass. Get a pet. Do something that makes YOU (no one else) happy EVERY DAY!

SPECIAL "EVERYTHING FRASER COAST" OFFER mention this podcast/blog and receive your first Empower session free of charge.

Some words from Christie to leave you with:

You are not your past; you are not your story. You are so much more, so much more! It is time to discover who you really are. It is time you awaken the awesomeness with you? It is time you started talking to yourself the way you deserve? It is time you started treating yourself the way you deserve. It is time you stepped into your power, channel your anger and frustrations, your insecurities, your fear into action, into strength. You can do this, you are worthy, you are deserving. Ask yourself what would courage have me do? Love yourself. Respect yourself. You have so much more than you know deep within you ready and waiting to be, seen to be heard xo

Thank you Christie Kearney for your time providing information & recording this podcast.

Chatting with Christie Kearney, empowerment, horses, puppy pjs & super heroes.

You are an amazing woman with a wonderful story of ups and downs. You own your story and are helping others and I wish you all of the very best. Welcome to the Wonder Women Group & Everything Fraser Coast family. Jussy

To get in touch with Christie, here is alink to her FACEBOOK page. Follow Everything Fraser Coast on Spotify, Podbean, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.Everything Fraser Coast, positive storyteller of the Fraser Coast Region, contact Jussy if you would like to be featured. It only costs your time. Jussy 0497 733773

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