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Body Mind Spirit - Inside The Little Art Shop

Marnie Coster chats with me today revealing there is so much more to her business than just a retail outlet. Marnie you are inspirational & I would encourage Fraser Coast Entrepeneurs to network with you.

Everything Fraser Coast never really know what we are going to learn in a podcast. Until you stop & listen, I find every day the Fraser Coast Region is jam-packed with creative & entrepreneurial people. I actually wonder why I didn't know this before starting this podcast but so thankful I now know the truth about our Fraser Coast Region. I admit I love the process & especially when I prefer to not overly research what I am doing, just go with the flow.

So when I turned up at The Little Art Shop after briefly meeting Marnie a few weeks ago, I put her on the spot to see if she was up for a podcast. The trooper she is she jumped right in (thank you Marnie). This was a podcast where I discovered so many wonderful developments happening in these walls of The Little Art Shop that I hope you take the time to listen & share.

Can't wait to listen, click the link to Episode 26: Body Mind Spirit- Inside The Little Art Shop.

The LIttle Art Shop stocks local crafts & Fair Trade items & Marnee's goal is to have exclusive product lines. She is also a sculpture with extensive experience across natural materials. Her vision is life long, her motivation is mind, body & spirit balance.

What truly I find inspirational, is her life long obsession with sculpture, & exploring, mastering & showcasing sculpture of all proportions in natural materials. Those materials include marble, silver, bronze and so many more. Each resource has their own unique & intricate process to start with a raw material & end with a sculpture. It is a meticulous passion that cannot be learnt overnight, nor is it comparable to any skill I have ever undertaken.

If you are in business or have an idea, where you need skills or connections to a person with extensive background working with those materials, I encourage you to connect with Marnie. Contact her at The Little Art Shop situated at 399 Esplanade, Torquay, Hervey Bay also on Facebook & Instagram.

Sculpture is one area I have never attempted after failing an art project in year 5 when we had to carve from a set milk container full of plaster of paris. My milk carton, once removed was wittled, sanded & carved into. I remember how proud I was for what was essentially just a rectangular prism with some scratches. If only I new it was abstract & had the confidence to challenge my teacher who failed me. Marnie, on the other hand, has her lifetime of experience across an extensive list of sculpturing. After the podcast we chatted about a few of her pieces on display, & you can see in the photo above. When you take the time to understand the process, time & materials that go into sculpture, they seem incredibly undervalued.

I hope you take the time to call into Marnie's Little Art Shop, you'll hear how popular she is when many hellos sung out through the recording.

Think of The Little Art Shop for a unique Christmas Gift, or any gift really.

Thanks for taking time out of your day for me Marnie.

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