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Audio Memories

Share your story, pass on a message.

It usually happens this way, one opportunity leads onto another, or one interest leads onto another as in this case. Having progressed my podcast to now use a professional podcasting mixer, microphones & headphones, I hope this can benefit others on a more personal level. Today I launch Audio Memories, through my Everything Fraser Coast brand, but separate to my podcast & blog. Audio Memories are recordings of you, for your use. The purpose of an Audio Memory recording, is for audio recordings, & the recording of memories I am hoping to offer are those of a loved one, either by message, story, or even a letter read aloud. The memory is another keepsake for loved ones, like a photoalbum for the auditory senses.

An audio recording may be something to consider if you find yourself forgetting a voice or wanting to pass on family stories. It is an opportunty to share a collaborated combination of of spoke best wishes for a special occasion, it is a favourite song sung by the guests at your wedding. The creativity of Audio Memories is unlimited.

The quality of an Audio Memory is superior to that on a camera microphone and depending on the project, editing to add other audio features can be edited in. If vision loss had never become part of my life, I would never have realised how precious the audio world is. Let me share it with you.

It is as simpe as having a conversation. Privacy guaranteed.

To create an audio memory with me, I can work on a flat rate or project rate, depending on your needs. Projects start at $25.00.

Have a listen to my recent podcast explaining how the idea came about.

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