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Alice To Fraser Coast Seeking Soul Fusion

Everything Fraser Coast is a journey pursuing only positive stories throughout the Fraser Coast. It is a rewarding experience putting a spotlight on those positive stories & the leads I receive are endless. So much positivity in our region and it is really the people that make it this way.

So no surprise when I caught up with SoPhia Williams-Martin, that I would unravel an interesting journey. Luckily SoPhia was happy to share. So this podcast (Listen to Episode 48: SoPhia's Soulfusion Journey), is more than just sharing a business, it is a snapshot of how she followed intuition to cross the globe, relocating hemispheres & found her self on a journey which so far ends in Hervey Bay.

It is a lovely message to share with young adults, not sure whether to follow their dreams, take a risk and back themselves.

So SoPhia's journey also is an evolving career & growing family. Her career transitioning from a teacher into her own boss at Soulfusion Therapies. Honestly I hadn't much idea on what her business was, but as she explains in the podcast, she offers four main services, all catering to assist with the self management of stress & self care. Kinesiology, Art Therapy, Relaxation Massage & interestingly the herbology study of Australian Bush Flower Essence. What skill or service SoPhia can offer you may not be determined until you chat with her, as she can draw on her many qualifications & experience to guide her clients into a better place, or to solve a problem.

To find out more contact SoPhia on 0405 463584. Visit her website HERE. You can also connect with SoPhia on Facebook HERE.

Thank you SoPhia for your time & it was lovely to finally meet you. Keep me updated on your workshops so I can share on our calendar.

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